Cineva odata mi-a trimis acest poem. L-am pastrat. Am cerut permisiunea poetului de a-l posta.
Whispers in the darkness,
Walking without sight.
Much too late to change things,
And far to late to fight.
Living out this charade,
Just causes us both pain.
If we carry on the way we are,
You know we’ll go insane.
Portals to your soul,
Reveal the wounds unhealed.
Time to end the thrusting,
Of negative thoughts we yield.
Emotions running riot,
Oceans filled with tears.
Drowning with our sorrows,
Held down by our fears.
We’ve lost the love we had,
And life now seems so real.
Fun and games have gone away,
And fortune’s spun it’s wheel.
I know you’re filled with sadness,
And shame runs through my veins.
With my alcoholic courage,
You know no one’s to blame.

Sometimes the words don’t come,
And things are said in haste.
Just say it’s all over,
The truth is hard to face.